About Our Bakery

The Sourloaf Bakery is an Artisanal Bakery in the heart of Knysna WC. Founded by musician and foodie Joe Foster. We offer a delicious range of long-fermented sourdough bread, savoury pies, pastries, deserts & coffee to go.


We started this bakery with a vision for adventure. Adventure for beginning a whole new exciting life together in the Garden Route of South Africa. We have big dreams for the bakery and what could sprout forth from this new adventure. 

About Our Baking

All our bread is naturally leavened and contains no artificial anything. Most of our bread physically only contains 3 ingredients, flour (wheat and/or rye), salt, and water. If we use inclusions and infusions such as Olives, Fynbos, and Seeds they are also locally sourced and wholesome.


Our loaves go through a 30 hour period from sourdough feeding to baking. We mix and bulk ferment for 3-4 hours and proof our dough for 13 -15 hours

Sourdough is not just a taste it is a method and we also educate our clients on what they are stocking and selling to their customers.